Jamsu – Korea’s New Makeup Trend Review

My close friend Krisan, who’s a beauty blogger and vlogger, heard about this new Korean makeup trend called “Jamsu”. Though this mattifying hack originated from Japan, it was more popularized in Korea in order for them to keep their faces oil-free during the summer time.

The whole idea of “Jamsu” is to submerge your whole face in ice cold water for 30 secs., after putting on your base (aka Foundation and Concealer) and setting it with A LOT baby powder. One does not simply skimp on baby powder with “Jamsu”. They said that with this hack, your makeup stays matte and intact for the whole day.

You can watch me and my friends try this K-beauty trend in Krisan’s Vlog! We’ll guide you through the process of “Jamsu”, tell you the pros and cons for different skin types, and share our overall opinion for this hack.

Thank you Krisan for inviting me and Renz to do this video with you! Definitely check out their own pages if you want to see more of them!

Let me know in the comments below if you wanna try, or you’ve tried this yourself . I wanna hear about your own experiences with this hack. Till the next post, Cheers!

x Jam x

Email: iamjamtan@gmail.com

Instagram: @iamjamtan

Snapchat: @iamjamtan




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