Php 1,000 Outfit Challenge at The Trendsetter’s Bazaar

Last July 9, 2016, I went to the Trendsetter’s Bazaar held at the World Trade Center. This 3-day event, from July 7-10, 2016, gave me an idea to challenge myself and to find out whether I could get a whole outfit for only Php 1,000.

To complete the challenge I had to get clothes (top + bottom or dress), a bag, and at least one accessory. Originally it was a Php 1,500 Outfit challenge and I was supposed to include shoes, but there weren’t really styles that I was keen on purchasing.

Given that there are over a 100 shops in the bazaar, you’re bound to find an outfit on a budget. Some shops were selling tops for as low as Php 130! It’s no question as to why I keep coming back to these bazaars. Most online shops sell their items at a lower price, and they even give special discounts and promos to top it off.

Now on to the outfit that I purchased from Trendsetter’s.

Dress: Alison Bel; Bag: Blogger booth; Choker: Mia Casa; Sandals: Isaac Mizrahi


For clothes, I got this dress from Alison Bel. What I love about this dress is that you can wear the shirt separately! I got this piece for only Php 600.00, and it’s as if I’m paying Php 300.00 each for the shirt and the dress. I’m really into this combo, which is very 90s inspired, because it looks cute and it’s really comfy. It’s perfect because I can switch up the top, maybe a white button up to look more formal? I would highly recommend getting dresses in this style simply because it’s a bang for your buck. You have two functional pieces for the price of one!



A tip for bazaar goers, always check Blogger booths! I got this bag for only Php 300.00!!! Some shoppers may put off looking at these booths because the items they’re selling are mostly used, but don’t let that stop you. Most of these pieces may have only been used for photos. Another plus for these booths is that they’re selling items lower than it’s retail price. Bloggers sell items from online shops, to high street brands, and even high end brands at times! No matter the reason for selling the items, they’ll be priced at a minimum of about 30% off.



To top of the look, I got a choker from Mia Casa. I’ve seen these chokers on my favorite vloggers such as Jenn Im, Anna Fiorino, and Amy Lee. Since then, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on them. What I like about this choker is that it’s pretty customizable. You can style these chokers any way you want. I just did a simple bow for this look because it’s the easiest to do hahaha. This choker only cost me Php 75.00. As I really am into functional pieces, you can also use this choker as a bracelet. For less than a hundred pesos, you can pretty much get a lot of use out of it.



I spent a total of Php 975.00 for my outfit, shoes not included of course. Every peso spent was really worth it. I’m counting the days till the next Trendsetter’s Bazaar, which is on Sept. 23-25, 2016 at the World Trade Center. I can’t wait to get my hands on bargain pieces again. Maybe you can try the Php 1,000 Outfit Challenge at the next bazaar? I know I will! Tag me on Instagram so I can see what outfits you’ve put together 🙂

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment what I should post about next.

x Jam x


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4 thoughts on “Php 1,000 Outfit Challenge at The Trendsetter’s Bazaar

  1. ahh that sounds so fun!! i would totally have gone if i were in ny right now 😉 love your chocker!!
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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