What happened to me?!?!

Well someone lied in her last post (which was more than a year a go by the way hahaha). I think it’s about time I get back to my blog and start posting again.

So what happened to ME? I got a job. Cliche as it sounds, I just didn’t find time to write again. I made up silly excuses, and held myself from pursuing one of my interests as I was “too busy”. It’s been almost a year, 11 months to be exact, that I have been working in my current company. I only realized now that time really flies by FAST.

If you wanna see what I’m up to right now go follow my Instagram or my Snapchat!
Browse through what has happened in my life, though not much, for the past year.

I hope to post once a week on my blog! I wouldn’t have revived this if it weren’t for the people around me who told me to continue with what I like doing.

Please feel free to comment below what I should write about next. Thanks for reading this short post!

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x Jam x

Email: iamjamtan@gmail.com

Instagram: @iamjamtan

Snapchat: @iamjamtan


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