Eating at The Grill by Antonio’s, Tagaytay

It’s been a loooooooong time since I last posted on my blog! Apologies for that haha. I was pretty busy with life (who isn’t right?!) and just had a slump. I am somewhat a perfectionist, and really wanted to publish good content on my blog. I wanted to put up outfits posts, thrift hauls, make up tutorials and such but didn’t really have the equipment to do it. But this time I’m really pushing myself to not be discouraged and to write and publish whatever I could because it helps me relax , and I really like doing it!

Enough of this chitchat! I’m here to talk about the amazing food that we ate at The Grill by Antonio’s. We went to Tagaytay today for some family time as we always do on weekends. While on the road, we were deciding as to where we would eat for lunch, or if we should have our lunch already. Coincidently, we were already in the area where the restaurants were. Spotting The Grill by Antonio’s, we decided to make a left and eat there. We tried to eat there before, but the place was already packed and we were SOOOOOO HUNGRY that we had to give up on the idea. Today, we were VERY lucky! We arrived at the restaurant before 12 noon, so the place wasn’t as busy yet. We sat at their outdoor space as we travelled with our furry friends on this trip. So for all those who travel with their pets and have not yet dined in The Grill by Antonio’s, I’m happy to say that they can accommodate our pets!



There was so much good food in the menu that we didn’t know what to order. The lists just goes on and on. After minutes of pondering, we had come to the conclusion of ordering 3 dishes, which were the Binukadkad na Plapla (Fried Tilapia in a Butterfly Cut), Ginisang Chicharo at Hipon (Stir-fried Peas and Shrimp), and the classic Bulalo (Beef Shank Soup). For dessert, we got the Turron with Saging & Langka (Banana and Jackfruit Spring Roll).

While waiting, my dad was playing tic-tac-toe to pass time at the table cover/ big white paper. I think it’s ingenious of them to do so as it takes less time to clean up, and diners could do something fun while waiting for food! He even doodled a bit, which was quite funny. He wrote, “Gutom na ako, Tagal ng food He He He” (“I’m hungry, the food’s taking long He He He”).



Here’s Chloe and I sitting together while we wait for our food 😀

The little ones, Chabi and Chibi, chilling at their doggie bed :3



And here is where I messed up. We were so hungry that we just went in and ate the food! We were almost finished with our meal that I only remembered that I should have taken pictures! But… I do have pictures of the aftermath, does that count? haha!


The Ginisang Chicharo at Hipon was absolutely amazing! I don’t know what they did in this dish, but it was very tasty. This perfectly paired the Binukadkad na Plapla, which was very crispy and delicious. I just think that their flavors blended well. Separately, they are simple dishes, but together they’re just so good! I definitely recommend you guys to try these dishes. I may be a man of few words for describing these dishes, but once you taste them I bet you’d be speechless as well.



Who could ever forget to eat Bulalo when in Tagaytay. I feel that it’s a staple when going there. And this Bulalo from The Grill does not disappoint! If only I had taken a picture of this when it arrived at our table, it was huge! I mean we’re pretty good at eating (a.k.a MATAKAW) but we couldn’t finish it. Definitely perfect for sharing. They also have the Sizzling Bulalo, which I think would also be amazing, but we were craving soup so we passed. Maybe next time when we come back! Or if you’ve tried it, you could share your experience below by commenting! 🙂


For our finale, we had the Turron with Saging & Langka. This was really tasty, but it wasn’t too sweet unlike the other Turons that I have eaten. What would have made it even better was if there was vanilla ice cream. 😦

Our experience overall at the restaurant was SOOOOO GOOD! Not only was the food amazing in taste and portion, the staff were really accommodating as well. They really make sure that you enjoy your dining experience. Being there early may have been a factor, but don’t let it hinder you from trying out the place. It definitely gets busy starting 12 noon, but the I think that the food is worth the wait. Also, the ambiance in the restaurant was fresh because of their black and white theme. It’s also a great place to eat with family and or friends. On your next road trip to Tagaytay, I definitely suggest you guys to try this restaurant. Check their website for contact information or for directions. I know they’ll be able to accommodate all your concerns judging from the service that we got today.

That’s all for this post! I promise to be more consistent in posting. I shouldn’t sweat the little things that restrict me. Please write down below for comments, questions, and suggestions. I’d really appreciate them!

x Jam x


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